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3 reasons why your adventures are worth saving
September 28, 2020

I get it.
Adventures are something you value. They are fun, rewarding at times, and challenging at times.
The best thing about them is the places you get to see, the joy you get to experience, and the friends and family you get to spend time with.

I asked the question in my Facebook group the other day, “How often do you go out adventuring?” The majority of the time, the answer was “sporadically when you have time”. But like all things, we have to value what we are doing in order to make time for it.

Dad and son walking out from behind a large bush on the trail holding hands
Two teens standing with dogs on the top of a mountain hiking trail while dad is looking at view behind them
Little girl that reached the top of the mountain after hiking up a large hill and arms stretched out wide in celebration

I know as well as anyone that making time to get outside can be hard. Especially when you have other priorities taking your time away. Kids in sports, volunteer activities, church and not to forget your daily work grind. Like anything though, you have to love it in order to plan for it. Sometimes in life, you have to make choices. However, when things are calling your name, you gotta respect that.

If you are like me at all, you know that spending time in the outdoors is like going to church. It is a time for meditation, reflection, and silence in this crazy, noisy world. And whatever season of life you are in, it is never a bad time to try something new, experience a new activity or go out on a limb. The most amazing and rewarding things happen when we step outside of our comfort zones. I think intuitively we all know that. But it is one of the hardest things to do. Really. I know. But let’s explore why it’s important to savor those memories. What do you get out of remembering that last hike you went on or the time you got a flat tire on the road to your camping trip?

mom and dad standing over two kids as they walk through corn maze
Family of four sitting on stone steps and looking at each other and smiling
  1. Remembering your challenges helps you focus on your accomplishments.
    My daughter has NEVER been a great hiker. She literally will cry over walking one mile. At age 11, she enjoys the outdoors but she finds a way to complain about it every chance she gets. However, this past weekend, she had a breakthrough. Now a member of the Boy Scout Program, as a scout, she was on a backpacking trip that she was carrying not only a ton of weight, but she had to walk 5 miles both ways. She never once complained. She broke through her challenge because she was excited for the outcome, excited to be with new friends, and excited to start her journey as a scout. As a mom, I couldn’t be more proud of her and her accomplishment. So this weekend, I made a little video while we were on the trip. I wanted her to look back at this trip and remember that feeling of joy she got when she completed her task. May we all be so lucky to have huge breakthroughs on our adventures and have them documented for a lifetime.

  2. Looking back at your adventures make you smile
    Never once have I looked back at my photos and been unhappy for having them. Never once have I heard of anyone ever being unhappy with photos in their possession. There is just something awesome about having photos in print, right in front of you, for all to see. Seeing tiny little hands, crooked little smiles, and places of old, have an effect on you in the heart. Never once have I heard of anything different. Have you?

  3. Seeing where you have been, helps you look forward to your future
    When I look back at images I have taken of my kids, I am reminded of a few things. I am reminded of tougher times and how far I’ve come in making my life work for me. I am reminded of beautiful times and how cherished they are. I am also reminded of what I wanted my life to be like and it helps me progress towards being that. I was always the mom that wanted to get up and go places but I didn’t know-how. Now, as my family gets along, and my kids get older and I am reminded that we have come a long way in making those dreams come true. Getting outside, having fun, and learning from our experiences. That is all I can ask for.

Dad holding toddler while looking at the fish tank at the aquarium
kids walking with mom down the street and one boy holding his arm in a cast

You can do this a couple of ways. Take out your camera phone and click a few pictures OR hire me to be your official adventure photographer. Either way, I know for certain you won’t regret the time spent or the memories captured.

Much love,


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