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3 easy ways to display your adventures
October 19, 2020
Staring at the wall, I knew it needed SOMETHING.

Not being a designer myself, it is hard for me to figure out how to display all the things I want to display in my home. Whether that is an image of something or someone important to me or a pretty design element of some sort that will be featured large and proud from my living room. This is not my favorite thing to do nor it is my forte. Having a dream and making it a reality are two very different things. Let’s explore some of the ways I know I can help you and what those look like.

1. Prints on the wall

There are several ways to print your photos and display them on the wall. A simple glance at Pinterest will give you an idea of the scope of things that are possible. If you let your imagination run away with you and you do what YOU think looks right and what YOU think looks great, then it doesn’t matter what the design looks like as long as you are happy with the end result.

barnwood picture frame up close

Example of what picture looks inside a living room setting

2. Prints in an album

Sometimes we don’t have enough wall space (is there such a thing?!) for all our favorite photos to be displayed. Or sometimes we don’t want to display all the images we have on the wall, but we want to keep the majority of them anyhow. An album is a great way to just that. It keeps all your favorite ones in one place without having to print them for the wall when we may not have them available to us. Albums are also great for categorizing our favorite events or adventures. We can get them stamped and labeled as such for easy retrieval. There are tons of options based on the company you purchase these from.

photo album on its side to see the view of what it looks like

Above viiew of open family album to see what it looks like up close

3. Prints in your hand

One other option of printing your images is to just print them. Keep them loose or in a box but keep them safe. This is a very inexpensive way to have your favorites for your hands to flip through but not spend the money on other items like framing or album covers. I like mine to be a little sturdier and have them backed by a firmer material so they aren’t as easily torn or destroyed.

5x7 prints up close to see what they look like

Prints up close to see what they look like from the side

No matter which way you choose to go, know that it is a good choice. There is no one’s opinion that is greater than your own. This is YOUR HOME. This is YOUR LIFE. Display it well.

Have any other ways you like to display your images? Then please share them with me!

Much love,

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