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Helping women feel empowered in the outdoors through backpacking adventures + documenting them in photos.

Are you feeling the need to be with other women out in nature AND feel confident in doing so, but not sure how to get it done?

Let's change that.

Let my years of outdoor experiences bring you outside for a beautiful predesigned women-only backpacking adventure

Then later, celebrate in photos how empowered you feel because you did something like this and enjoyed the process

Hey there! I’m Heather

Me standing in the snow smiling at the camera

Trust me, as an Idaho local, photographer specialist, and outdoor expert, I am just like you. I struggle to get outside off electronics and make some friends in the outdoors. That is why I tailored all my backpacking adventures to fit your specific needs. To read more about me click the button below.

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You deserve my absolute best, so I am selective with where I take women on adventures.  And that’s only because I want you to be super happy with the outcome of your trip.

I would love to hear more about what you are interested in and then we can connect to see if a backpacking adventure will be right for you!


Mom standing with her two sons at the top of the hill with a heart carved out in the mountain

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looking at two kayaks with kids in them between the trees from the shore

It’s amazing what nature can teach us as women. Let’s chat about the endless possibilities.

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